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India? or Indira?

Do you know how many leaders our country has? Well, believe it or not, our children and grand-children will give only two names. Fortunately, we might be in a position to send our kids to good schools where they learn from history text books. But what about the illiterate who learn to recognise a movie title from its lead actors? They have no choice but learn that our country has only 2 leaders – Mrs. Indira Gandhi & Mr. Rajiv Gandhi.

Our beloved “Leader” Mrs. Sonia Gandhi is leaving no stone unturned to ensure that while they are in power, there should be only two names on the commoner’s lips. Indira Gandhi & Rajiv Gandhi. I am sure you must be wondering what am I talking about. I am talking about the hundreds of schemes and infrastructures named after Indira & Rajiv Gandhi.

I can understand why parents name their children after their forefathers. But this is ridiculous. Over 450 schemes are shamelessly named after the Nehru family trio, Indira, Rajiv & Nehru. I am sure Mrs. Sonia Gandhi loves her husband and mother-in-law, but this is not the way to show her love for them. India has many great leaders. I dare say much more loved and deserving than just the two of them.

In telugu (my mother tongue), we have a reverse dowry system called “Edhuru Katnam”. Which means that brides get return dowry during marriage. I guess Mrs. Indira Gandhi must have given India to Sonia Gandhi as “Edhuru Katnam” to Mrs. Sonia Gandhi during their marriage.

Indian politics is business to Indian National Congress, or rather Mrs. Sonia Gandhi. Tomorrow, I wont be surprised if they name Indira Gandhi as “Mother of the nation” & Rajiv Gandhi as “Son of the nation”. I hope they dont read this blog, otherwise even that might happen. If “Madam”(Sonia) is trying to repaint her “beloved” mother-in-law’s national image in good light, let me be a good opposition by citing some examples related to Mrs. Indira Gandhi.

1. Corruption and Electoral malpractice (This legacy still runs in the family)

2. Operation Blue Star

3. Currency crisis

4. The biggest of them all “State of Emergency”

Look them up on google and you will know some ugly facts about Mrs. Indira Gandhi. Infact many believed that she blatantly accepted to being corrupt and was courageous enough to support herself saying that it happens everywhere. Instead of trying to stop corruption, she embraced corruption with open arms and protected it till her death.

However the issue I am writing about is not corruption in Indira Gandhi Family, but their business like approach towards Indian Governance. I think Mrs. Sonia Gandhi did a management course from a top B-School, or she must be a born business woman. I almost chocked when I saw that they named a scheme using every letter of Mrs. Indira Gandhi, INDIRAMMA (Integrated Novel Development In Rural Areas and Model Municipal Areas). Why don’t they use their creativity to come up with a scheme which actually does good for the poor? The much boasted “Aarogyasri” scheme ending up in corporate hospital’s profits.

Whats more, they cannot eat their own biryani. I mean, Congress had a huge “problem” with Himachal Pradesh government naming their 108 service after BJP leader Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Whats wrong Congress? Can’t bear to see some good happening to the exchequer from a scheme named after an opposition leader?

I know I know…whats in a name you might say. If it actually helps the poor, any name should be fine, but i really wonder how much these schemes are helping the poor. Out of the 450 schemes, how many are successful?

If they keep this up, someone might re-christen their pet animals as Indira or Sonia. And according to what they are doing, Congress does not have the moral legitimacy to question us! Please Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, tell us, tell us what should we do to teach you a lesson? Because you seem to have become immune to all criticism, just like a Superbug! And your “Beta”(Mr. Man Mohan Singh) is just like Anil Kapoor in the movie “Beta”. Except that in the movie everyone eventually become good with a happy ending. I don’t know how you end your political career, but please keep your love and affection towards your family members to yourself. Don’t rub it on Indians with your scheme naming scheme !!!!


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